Barry Botha Breytenbach

When Can My Employer Convert My Paid Suspension to Unpaid? 

Generally, employees suspended during a disciplinary enquiry are entitled to their full salary. This suspension allows for a thorough investigation of the incident in the workplace without distractions or obstructions by the employee. However, there are times when an employer might feel that they’re being ‘bled out’ by an employee. This article answers the question […]

Can employees be dismissed for WhatsApp messages?

How widely and consistently do you use WhatsApp in your workplace? Do you have WhatsApp groups designated for work purposes? Can you freely express your opinion on certain topics while in those WhatsApp groups? Given the social media era that has dawned within the workplace, a crucial question that needs to be addressed is whether […]

Your PAYE obligations as an employer

As an employer, it is your responsibility to withhold tax from your employees’ salaries and remit it to SARS. Employee tax is a key component of the South African tax system and is the mechanism through which employers withhold and remit income tax on behalf of their employees. Commonly known as PAYE (which stands for […]

Can my employer refuse to accept my medical certificate?

The matter of a medical certificate has raised questions for quite some time. Many employers believe that if their employees provide a medical certificate for their absence from work they are obliged to pay them for the day(s) missed. Similarly, employees believe that should they stay away from work and provide a medical certificate, all […]

Can you be fired if artificial intelligence can do your job?

Social media has been flooded with chatter about the chatbot phenomenon ChatGPT which seems destined to be able to, if not far better do, what humans can! So, what does this mean for employees? Can you be replaced by a bot like ChatGPT? In this article, we take a closer look at what this could mean for employees in […]