What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process that must be followed in order to obtain lawful ownership of an immovable property. A conveyancer is an attorney who has obtained a qualification to specialise in the preparation of Deeds documents which by law are registrable in the Deeds Registry. The conveyancer can be the transferring attorney of a property, a bond attorney attending to a new bond registration, or a cancellation attorney attending to the cancellation of an existing bond(s).

Property Law Leaders & Innovators

BBB Attorneys specialise in property transfers, property developments, sale agreements, mortgage bonds, bond cancellations and sectionalisations. With over 42 years of experience in property law, our service covers residential and commercial properties, established schemes, property sub-divisions and the establishment of townships. We are listed on the panels for Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank allowing us to assist you with the registration of your mortgage bond or the cancellation of your existing bond.

We provide a conveyancing service like no other. Check out our Early Bird Campaign to see why we are regarded as the leading innovators in the property industry.

Property Transfers

Our professionals provide legal services in relation to the transfer of immovable property and the registration thereof with the Deeds Registry. Our property transfer services include guidance and advice, as well as the transfer of both residential and commercial property and the drafting of all necessary documentation to affect such transfers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our Conveyancers have many years of experience in the agricultural field with the drafting of farm sale agreements and concluding farm transfers. We have sound knowledge of water rights and the creation of complex servitudes with regards to farm transactions. Our Conveyancers have opened many Township Registers and attended to complex Consolidations to achieve this.

Sectional Title Developments

Our sectional titles experts assist clients with the purchase and sale of sectional title units, the planning of sectional title developments, including the provision of guidance and advice regarding the opening of a sectional title register, management and body corporate rules, and considerations pertaining to undivided shares in property, including the drafting of all relevant documentation. We provide advice to body corporates in respect of management rules, sectional title law and dispute resolution. We have vast experience in the opening of sectional title registers with some of the most experienced and trusted developers in the country.

Development Achievements

Some of our countrywide achievements include the opening of the sectional title & township registers for:

The Kingdom Resort in Pilanesberg, North West, (See Resort)
Cayley Mountain Resort in Central Drakensberg, (See Resort)
Monomotapa Village in Waterberg, Limpopo, (See Resort)
The Farm Eco Estate, Palm Kloof Estate, Shamwari Estate, Bayhill Estate, Thabamanzi, LeShac & Sebenza Village on the South Coast, KZN.

The Transferring Attorneys

They manage the transfer of the property from the name of the seller to the name of the buyer in the Deeds Office. The transferring attorney is usually appointed by the seller but can also be agreed upon by the buyer and seller. They represent both the seller and the buyer. Check out our Early Bird Campaign if you are thinking of selling your property.

The Mortgage Bond Attorneys

Bond registration attorneys manage the registration of the mortgage bond by the buyer in favour of the bank over the property in the Deeds Office. They represent the bank and the buyer.

Bond cancellation attorneys attend to cancellation of the seller’s existing bond over the property in the Deeds Office. The represent the bank and the seller.

We are listed on all 4 major banks (Absa, FNB, Nedbank & Standard Bank) panels for bond registrations and cancellations.

Our Professionals