Commercial Law

Commercial Contracts

We specialise in commercial contract agreements. This includes commercial contracting support. When dealing with commercial contracting, our experts will ensure that professionalism and expertise is present throughout the entire drafting and negotiation process. Our experts ensure that contracts are tailored to each client’s specific needs and requirements. Our experts get to know your business. An in-depth understanding is necessary in order to identify all the risk elements and to ensure that your agreement is watertight.

Consumer Law

Whether you are a business or consumer, our professionals will assist you in navigating all areas of Consumer Law. Our experts are well versed in the field of Consumer Law and understand that it is governed by various pieces of legislation. It is also very important to note that non-compliance potentially holds serious consequences for businesses providing supplies and services.


Our professionals offer the following services in relation to Consumer Law: support and guidance in respect of business compliance audits, the drafting of various consumer agreements, the drafting and updating of policies, procedures, forms, documents and contracts and assisting with consumer actions in terms of the applicable legal framework. Where necessary, we also provide clients with advice regarding e-commerce and ensuring that their online businesses meet the requirements of our Consumer Law.

Corporate Law

We will advise and assist with drafting agreements for sale or acquisition of shares and agreements between shareholders, members and or partners. We will assist with Company Act compliance and advise on issues surrounding governance and due process. Our professionals are ready and able to assist you in keeping your business’s legal side covered.

Company Law

If you dream of owning your own business has finally come true, our professionals can help you with the incorporation and registration of your company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission as well as maintaining your registrations, including the drafting of tailored founding documents, all necessary resolutions, changes to directors and shareholders etc. Our professionals are ready and able to assist you in keeping your business’s legal side covered.

Our Professionals

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