Who we are

We are a new breed of law firm and we evolve. We continuously adapt, adopt and improve.

As one of the largest out of city law firms in KwaZulu-Natal, we have an intimate knowledge of the southern region, giving us the ability to render an all-round professional service.

Our diversity is what clients enjoy, which is why we develop strong relationships and are proud of our substantial and very loyal client base. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our adherence to the ethics of the profession.

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What we do

Based in Port Shepstone for 40 years, we render a multi-disciplinary service to our clients all over the country.

We strive to ensure our clients succeed and continue to thrive. As a large team, we are able to provide our clients with expert services in multi law fields. The result must match the service experience from start to finish.

Our latest technology in legal systems and research enables us to provide clients with superior services. Senior attorneys mentor the juniors to ensure clients benefit from years of experience.

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