Barry Botha Breytenbach

Ensuring your healthcare wishes are honoured: The essential guide to living wills

In our current society, where the unforeseen has become a central concern for many, the relevance of a Living Will has surged. A Living Will serves as a vital legal instrument that captures an individual’s healthcare preferences for a time when they may no longer be in a position to make or communicate their medical […]

Factors to consider before negotiating your home loan’s interest rate

As interest rates continue to rise, many homeowners find themselves contemplating the idea of fixing their home loan interest rates. Initially, when the interest rate hike began after the historically low rates experienced in 2020, experts advised against fixing rates. However, the landscape has evolved since then, and the decision to fix your interest rate […]

Intending to buy a state-funded house? Here’s what you need to know

The Constitution of South Africa enshrines the right of everyone to have access to adequate housing. This places a mandatory duty on the state to achieve this right for all South Africans through its available resources. The government introduced the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) as its social housing programme to provide low-income families with […]